Nacci Printing is a fully FSC® certified company! But what exactly does FSC® mean? FSC® is The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), an international organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. Print products carrying the FSC® label assure consumers that they come from regenerated forests that are managed to meet the social, economic, and ecological needs of present and future generations.

What are the goals of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®)?

  • Responsible forest farming worldwide
  • Protection of endangered species
  • Improving the living conditions of local populations
  • Improving the world's forests through responsible forest management and documented chain-of-custody protocols for forest materials. 

Our clients can have comfort in knowing that when Nacci Printing prints the FSC® label that it is 100% authentic, as for any printed piece to display the FSC® label, the printing company absolutely must have a chain of custody certification. Our certification process ensures that the paper used at Nacci Printing was manufactured from wood that was harvested and traced from well managed forests.

Thinking about going green?

  1. Choose your paper! (select from a growing list of FSC® certified papers)
  2. Send us your artwork! (we can help you with your design layout and approval of the FSC® logo usage)
  3. Receive the FSC® compliant print work! (we'll manage the procurement and production compliance of your print job)

Did you also know that Nacci Printing utilizes LED-UV inks that are considered green and eco-friendly? Our LED-UV curing system produces no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) to be released into the atmosphere creating greenhouse gases. Unlike traditional UV systems, LED-UV inks contain no mercury and consume only 20% of the energy compared to standard offset and UV curing or IR drying systems.

Nacci Printing is 100% committed to implementing and further developing all the objectives and requirements of FSC® and continuing being eco-friendly with our printing processes.

By partnering with Nacci Printing, a fully FSC® certified printing company, you too can demonstrate a commitment to the environment. Nacci Printing’s commitment includes embracing new technologies that will improve our ability to be as green as it gets!