Becky has been with Nacci Printing since 1997 and is the head of the Customer Service department. She started in the printing business making film and plates, and in 1991 worked as an estimator and production scheduler at Lithographics in Quakertown, PA. While working at Lithographics in 1997, Frank Nacci called her for a quick quote, and when she gave him his pricing quicker than expected, he called her in for an interview and she's been with Nacci Printing ever since! During the day you can find her quoting, entering jobs, talking with customers and fetching Gary's coffee. In her free time she's usually gaming, gardening and watching the kids in her family play softball and basketball. She loves her pets, coached softball and unfortunately has painfully watched the same soap opera for over 30 years.


Debbie joined Nacci Printing back in 1995. Her daily role is to make sure all invoices are correct for billing, organizing and maintaining the office's financial documents and entering international orders into the system. When she's not in the office, she likes to spend her free time baking, spending time with her husband and their dog, Loki, and going to visit her 2 sons and granddaughter.